12 String Guitar Tuner

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Because so many people have requested help in this area, I decided to make my own 12 string guitar tuners.  I borrowed the picture from my Tip 28 and tuned my 12 string guitar with a chromatic tuner and recorded the notes into easy to play MP3, Real Audio, or Windows Media files for you to listen to to tune your 12 string guitar.
Just touch or click on the knobs and listen to the pitches.

It's much the same as a 6 string guitar E A D G B E low to high except the 4 lowest pairs of strings are tuned an octave apart. Be careful, not all 12 string guitars (especially old ones) are designed to be tuned up to this pitch. Some have to be tuned a note or two lower.  Caution:  There are a few rare cases where you may buy a 12 string guitar and it will be strung differently than this.  Make sure the thinner high octave strings are in the same positions as pictured below.  In some rare cases they will be switched from a manufacturer.    

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MP3 12 String Guitar Tuner

Tuning Diagram

Real Audio 12 String Guitar Tuner

Tuning Diagram

Windows Media 12 String Guitar Tuner
MAC users may need Flip4Mac

Tuning Diagram