E-mail me about acoustic guitar problems, to suggest a tip to be added to my site, or to exchange links.
So far, I've been able to keep up with my e-mail and answer it every day but I need some help.


1.) Please make sure your "reply" e-mail address works. I answer e-mails but sometimes they
     fail and come back to me. I have no way to contact you if that happens.
2.) Please don't ask me questions about electric guitars.
3.) Please make sure the question you're asking isn't already answered in my list of tips.  Use the
     search engine provided on the HOME page to find your subject.
4.) Please put something in your E-mail Subject like "Question", "Exchange Links", or
     "Suggest Tip" so I don't accidentally delete it thinking it's spam or something.
     If it just says "HI" etc. I won't open it.
5.) If you want to exchange links, read THIS first!
6.) I don't open attachments.
7.) I don't do appraisals.
8.) I don't give music lessons by email.        Thanks!     Gman ( o )==#

To protect myself and everyone else, I have removed the hyperlink and text to my email address.
You will have to email me manually.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

No More Hyperlink. You'll have to email me manually. Sorry.
No More Hyperlink. You'll have to email me manually. Sorry.

Note:  I do not keep email lists, give out awards,  collect personal data, or advertise in any way.  If you ever receive an email that looks like it's from me and it asks for personal data, contains an advertisement, award, or spam, etc., please disregard it.  If you feel it's a problem, report the IP address from the header information of the email to me.  This is nothing more than a crude attempt at identity theft.  I'll report it to Yahoo! abuse to try and get it resolved.  I never send emails to my visitors unless I'm answering a question.