Is there evidence for God's existence?

Evolutionists believe that the "big bang" created everything.  Lets look at it.  The big bang was caused by energy.  If you try to find a definition of energy, you will really never find what it is in its essence, only what it can do.  No one really knows what it is.  E=mc2 doesn't really explain things either.  Every atom has this energy that comes from somewhere but where?  We are only capable of manipulating it or seeing what it can do.

Then there's "chance".  Evolutionists say we evolved the way we are because of chance.  Chance is not capable of creating anything.  If I flip a coin, it will come up 50 50 heads 50 50 tails.  Chance didn't create this.  I flipped the coin remember?  It was the energy I used in my hand that made the coin flip.

I've studied several different theories on young earth or old earth and how the bible and science agree.  There are many learned scientists and scholars that present very good cases for both.  What it really boils down to is:

If the big bang created you and me as the result of chance,  I'm going to call the energy of that big bang God.
If you believe in young earth creationism, you sill have to believe in God.

The other evidence is the Bible itself.  If a book can foretell the future accurately as it is obviously doing, it needs checked out further.  If it tells of someone that lived 2000 years ago, and all the great things that happened, and were witnessed by hundreds of people, and were is true.  It only takes 1 or 2 witnesses to stand up in court.  500 people witnessed Jesus alive after his death, burial, & resurrection.