Extending Guitar String Life

For anyone who notices that your strings wear out prematurely because maybe you have sweaty hands or if you just want your strings to last longer, I've noticed that washing and drying my hands thoroughly before playing really lengthens the life of my strings.


Also, wipe off your strings when you're done.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

When I wipe my strings, I pinch each string with two fingers while wiping to get off the gunk that builds up under the string as well.

Donated By: Coleman

A quick tip on keeping your strings and frets clean is to use a small piece of thin cardboard 
fold it into a V shape and hook it under a string. Just lightly pull up and slide up and down the whole length to remove the oil and dirt that builds up under the strings. Repeat for all others. Will also keep the neck and frets clear from grease build up.

Great site by the way!

Donated by: Ian


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