Protecting Fingernails

NOTE:  It is important before using any of these products to read the directions on the packages and follow them carefully.  A lot of products can do harm to nails if left on too long.

1. Use Loreal "Grow Stronger" Nail Polish. 4 or 5 coats on the nail and also on the nail tip and don't play letting it dry over night.


2. Use Sally Hansen Triple Strong


3. Sally Hansen has a new product out..."Teflon Tuff" held up during several rigorous sets. Gets my seal of approval...use two coats for best coverage.

JNoise (fingerstyle player)

4. A GREAT treatment for nails that strengthens them tremendously is a product called "Ecrinal." It is a cream, made in France, comprised of 20% extract of horse's mane that is rubbed on the nails (underneath too!) once a day. Ecrinal can be picked up at larger beauty supply stores. Makes the nails much more durable.

Gregory Scott Shroyer, San Diego

5. Dear gman, last Christmas my wife gave me a package she bought from Nordstroms. The package contained a four grade nail file, a pumice stone for cuticles, hand lotion and a jar for fingernails. The product was sold under the trademark "Philosophy." I don't know what is in the fingernail jar, but my nails are like iron. I play classical guitar and have had no chips or breaks since using the stuff nightly both on the top of my nails and under the fingernail tips. My nails are so hard I can play my 12 string without finger or thumb picks. Thought you might want to know. Great web page - keep it up.


6. Love your site, very informative. Thanks for sharing. On your nail care section, tried them all and have found one last product that outdoes them all. "IRON SHIELD" by Nutra Care. Couple coats over and under the nail and you can throw away your gardening tools and just use your fingers!!! If you play 1-2 hours a day, it usually lasts one week.

Take care...Kevin

7.  A nail polish called Witchcraft Nail Hardener - I put on 2-3 full coats, then a partial coat (just tips or the "strum flat") every couple of days after. Also, when I clean the nail polish off, I make sure not to clean right down to the nail - one of the worst things for nails is nail polish remover - and it's best to keep the nail protected with a thin layer of polish that stays on.

Natalie Anne

8.  I use Nail Envy and it works like magic, but it's expensive and takes a few months to really notice the difference.  Also, it's important to take off all the strengthener off on a weekly basis.  Leaving it on can actually do more harm then good.  And always, ALWAYS use an aloe based polish remover.

Your site's been extremely helpful to me...thanks...


9.  I have tried everything to protect my nails from peeling splitting etc.  Finally I found a product that works and I can do it myself.  Bella Naturale Polycrylic Nail Overlays.


10.  Hi Gman!
Thanks for the site.
I wanted to suggest a tip for keeping nails healthy,
strong, and making them grow fast.
Recently I came across a product called Green Tea by Nutra Nail.
You apply it two times a day, like nail polish, except you then rub
it into your nail and cuticles until it's dry (seconds only). I was
amazed at how fast my nails grew.
I broke a nail and thought it would take forever to grow back to
the length of my other nails on that hand.


11.   2000 mg of omega 3 fatty acid (fish oil) per day will increase nail strength noticeably.  Then I apply unrefined shea butter (an ingrediant in many nail care products) to the nails of my right hand only.  I play a verry aggressive finger picking style with medium phosphor bronze strings playing local solo gigs at winery tasting rooms and this program has done away with my nail break problem.  Right hand nails are noticeably thicker than left with daily application of shea butter (cheap also).

Jim MacMillan Music

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