Removing Stubborn Bridge Pins

After you loosen the string with enough slack, push the ball end of the string into the bridge wire hole while gently jiggling the bridge pin with your fingers. You'll feel the ball end go into the guitar body, removing pressure against the bridge pin. The pin should now pull out very easily with your fingers, however if it is still stuck tighter than your fingertips can handle, I bought a very common plastic string winding tool at a local music store that has one end shaped like a U. Put the head of the pin in the U and gently rock it back and the pin comes out.

NOTE: The other part of the plastic tool is a crank so you can turn the tuning pegs fast. I don't recommend that part.  Buttons can unscrew and come off before you know it.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

I have tried many techiques for removing bridge pins - most damaged my bridge. Here is the best method I have found. Keep a short length of smooth twine in your guitar case. Wrap it around the pin and gently pull.

Cheers,  Stuart

I have found that if you use the lid of a Zippo lighter, the pin comes out easy with no damage to the pin or the guitar.



After you remove your old strings, use a standard wood golf tee (head) to push the peg out from the inside.  Simple and easy ... and the best part, it works every time !! Saves scarring the bridge too :)
Thanks again for a great site !!



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