Buzzing Guitar Body

I have a terrible buzzing sound coming from the body of the guitar, not the frets. Do you have any idea what is causing the buzzing, and what I should do to remedy the situation?

Thanks, Ned

There are many things that can cause buzzing and you can't always clearly tell where it's coming from.

1. Check tuner hardware and truss rod cover plate if there is one.  Slightly tighten the top nuts of the
    tuners and all screws.
2. Make sure your strings are installed correctly.  Make sure the ball ends of the strings are pulled up
    tightly against the bridge and the excess string on the tuner end is trimmed off. Leave about 1/8".
3. Make sure your truss rod is not loose. Don't adjust it but make sure it's snugged up a little.
    Rap on the back of the neck. If it still rattles, take it to a repairman. They know how to inject
    stuff into the neck to fix it.
4. There's even a possibility that the pick guard could cause buzzing. Make sure it's secure and not lifting up.

More serious problems...

1. Cracks in the body.
2. Loose inside braces.
3. Loose bridge plate.
4. Loose top or back.
5. A split in a laminated body part, especially the top under the bridge.
6. Any electronics installed? Good luck, you may never find it.

These more serious problems should be repaired by a competent repairman.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


If the guitar is an acoustic elec. with a battery pack inside, the mounting could be loose...also the inside wiring sometimes tends to get next to the guitar body causing a buzz.
Holding the guitar in a different position will sometimes help you locate the source of the buzz.
Great site, thanks.....Bob Krouse


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