Saddle Shims

A luthier will use a piece of wood veneer, thin plastic, or sometimes sandpaper under a saddle to boost up its height to cure different problems like string buzzing.  This is okay to do as long as there's only one shim added.  If two or more are used, a degradation on tone quality may occur.  A luthier added a rosewood shim to my Martin D18 and super-glued it to the bottom of the saddle.  I believe this is the best material and the best way to attach it.  This is a reasonable alternative to making a brand new saddle and if installed correctly, you probably won't notice a degradation in tone.

Caution:  Never glue the saddle into the bridge.  The saddle should just rest there in the bridge slot with a snug fit.  The strings will hold it in.

Some old vintage guitars and the new Martin vintage series guitars that have the saddle tapered out the the end are glued in.

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