I have a steel string acoustic guitar.  Is there any way to reduce the noise created when sliding from one chord to the next (i.e. this is the noise created from your fingers sliding along the string(s) when changing chord positions)?
I realize that you cannot eliminate this noise completely.

Thanks for your help. I already found your web site quite useful.
Mark W.

Different things can affect string squeaking, depending on how dry or sweatty your hands are for example.

One way to reduce string squeaking is to change your technique.  Lift up more when changing chords.  Don't press as hard when sliding.

Trying a different brand of strings may help.  Some strings are coated to last longer.  Some people think a side benefit to this coating is less noise.  The coated strings are more expensive.  I personally don't pay much attention to it anymore.  Like having a certain amount of string buzz, it's just part of being an acoustic guitarist.

Gman ( o )==#

Regarding Tip 115:
D'Addario makes semi-flat wound strings for acustics now called, "Flatops."

I enjoy your site.


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