Guitar Interactions With Plastics

Never lay your guitar on Naugahyde or plastic covered furniture. There sometimes is a chemical reaction that takes place between the lacquer and plastic that can either leave part of the guitar finish on the furniture or vise versa. Also watch out for guitar straps made of plastic.


I recently noticed that my capo is leaving black marks on the necks and headstock (where I park it when not in use) on my acoustic guitars.  I only leave the capo in place while playing. I thought "no big deal" when first noticing the marks, I'll just buff it out.  Well, neither my efforts or my luthier's efforts were enough to remove these marks!  I've heard of similar problems with some of the cheaper guitar stands leaving marks, as well.

Donated by: Steve Gilbert

Yes, my experience is, avoid any black rubber material used in products that come in contact with the guitar's finish.  The black rubber used on guitar stands will sometimes do it.  I wasn't aware of the capos though.  Thanks for the heads up!

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

You mentioned that you should avoid any black rubber contact with your guitar because it can react with the lacquer finish.  Well I now have a darkened spot right on the Martin logo on the headstock where I used to 
"keep" my clip-on tuner.  The darkening seems to be irreversable.

Be careful, 

Donated by:  Steve Bales

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