Sore Fingers After Practicing Guitar

This is for sore fingers after practice.  Rub aloe, preferably the blue kind with the pain killer in it, on your fingers if they hurt.  This method got me through my first year playing the guitar.  It really works.

Donated by:  Sean


Sore Finger Tips Tip:

Put some ice in a bowl of water and soak your fingertips for a minute or so.  You can also run cold water over your fingertips at the tap.   This will prevent blisters and speed up the building of calluses.  It will also prevent your calluses from becoming too hard or from having hard edges. 

Note: donít do this until your fingertips hurt and be sure to allow some time before you play again.  You donít want to play on pads that have been softened by the soaking.

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Donated by: Rob

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