New Guitar Prices

I guess haggling over guitar prices shouldn't be the most important thing when buying a guitar.  If you find your dream one-of-a-kind guitar and you can spare the money, buy it by all means, however there are things to look out for.  There is a very good music store in my area.  No matter what you buy, guitar or sound system, whatever, they always deduct 25% off of the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  It was pretty incredible, I saw a guitar at this store for approx. $2,400 USD, then went a few miles away and saw the EXACT same model & manufacturer guitar for approx. $3,000 USD.  Manufacturer suggested retail prices are usually not used at music stores and like all expensive things you buy, do your homework.  If the manufacturer has a website, go there, find the suggested retail price, subtract 25% and be on your way shopping.  If the manufacturer of the guitar you want doesn't have a website, the music store that sells the guitar should be able to show you in writing what the manufacturers suggested retail price is from the manufacturer's literature.  If they refuse or can't do it, shop elsewhere.

One rip off I experienced around 1975 or so was a music store that had signs all over the place saying a 30% off sale.  I was young & inexperienced.  I bought a new 12 string guitar there for $280 USD.  After years of problems, I finally tried to get rid of the guitar by trading it in at another store.  The store owner at the other store showed me the guitar should have originally been sold for  $180 USD.  I almost fell over.  The original store had marked all the prices up and then had a so-called 30% off sale.  Then over charged me in the process.  I ended up only getting $90 USD for it on trade in.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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