Curling Pickguards

A few days ago I had the chance to buy a Martin D-35 made in 1973.  It appeared to be in good condition and the price was right.  The edge of the pick guard was lifting slightly and when I looked closely I could see a crack in the top.  I called a Martin warranty repair shop and the man there knew exactly what I was talking about. He said that before 1978-1979 Martin attached the guard directly to the wood and that would cause the wood to split if the guard raised.  He wouldn't go into much detail but said the guitar could be repaired. Have you had any experience with Martin guitars having this problem? GREAT site. Lots of useful information.

Thanks.......Don Morris.

Yes, I had to have the pick guards replaced on both of my Martins.  There may be other manufacturers back then that have the same problem.  The chemistry used at the time in making plastic wasn't as advanced as now and after time they curl up along the edges.  If the pick guard is glued directly to the wood, the wood splits sometimes.  A guitar repairman can replace your pick guard for a reasonable price. Do it before too long to prevent further damage.

If someone has an old Martin before 1970, you may want to consider having it repaired using the original pick guard.  There is a process where a repairman can flatten out the original pick guard and reuse it to maintain the collector value of the guitar.  After the pick guard goes through this process, it will probably be slightly smaller so there may be a slight area around it after re-installation where the wood finish doesn't touch the plastic.

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