Adjustable Bridges

My grandfather is in the process of cleaning out his attic and he came across an acoustic guitar, which he gave to me. The thing is probably many years old, and probably not of very good quality, but it sounds okay with a set of new strings. I'm satisfied with it until I get more serious about playing, but there is one thing I came across that interested me. The saddle is made out of metal, with a screw on each end. Tightening the screws lowers the saddle, and loosening them makes it higher. I have never heard of this type before. Does this affect the sound? If it would make a large difference to replace it with a regular saddle, would this be possible with the type of saddle slot cut into the bridge? I sure appreciate your help, your website is a great help also! -Lorin
Some guitar makers made adjustable saddles on flat top acoustic guitars a long time ago. They are great for electric guitars and arch tops but greatly diminish tone and volume on flat top acoustic guitars. A piece of bone or ivory in a hard wood bridge is best for transference of acoustic vibrations.  Unfortunately this set up is harder to adjust but worth the improvement in sound. I guess it would be possible to have a luthier convert yours over but you would need to talk to him and make sure the cost would be suitable to you.
Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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