Practice Guitar Neck

Hi Gman...
You have helped many people with your experience and I thank you for advice you have given me. I have a suggestion/tip that may help other beginners.

My Suggestion: No excuses for not practicing chords when away from the guitar-

I didn't want to invest money in a bottom-end guitar and then have to carry it around to take advantage of any free time that opens up to sit down for a little while and run through my learning routine.

I made a substitute top portion of a guitar neck out of a small piece of wood, drew some fret lines, tapped in 6 finishing nails on each end half-way and tied monofiliment fishing line to each pair to simulate the 6 strings. PRESTO!... my spare guitar to practice learning my chords and getting my fingers used to being in those positions and I can take it anywhere!

As a true beginner I can see already that learning to read the tabs (again from the G-man site) and memorizing the chords is one thing but making it happen without thinking about it as a reflex is another and this will take time. Practicing with every spare moment is the answer.

The sooner we can remember chords and get our fingers to execute them naturally, the sooner we can start having some real fun!

I hope this helps other folks as it is helping me.

Thanks Gman. - Joe Morgani

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