Callus Care

I've been playing guitar for about 40 years and just assumed that sore finger tips were inevitable after long sessions. Recently, after putting the guitar away because my fingers just couldn't handle any more playing that evening, I took some time to look closely at my left hand fingertips. It occurred to me that the problem was the tips had callused so thickly that the finger tip had lost the ability to "spring back" after pressing the strings down. 

I took the Revlon shaping/finishing file I use for my nails and "sanded" each left hand finger tip, being careful to stay on the toughened (callused) tips.  I kept checking the results by playing a few chords during the process. Since that first experiment I've made this process a part of my weekly nail-care ritual!  By keeping the finger tips from becoming overly callused, I can play longer with less discomfort.  This method also works to avoid (or to repair!) torn calluses, something that usually happens when sliding a note up the neck which allows both the string windings and the frets to tear at the finger tips.

William J. Lawyer




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