To Pick Or Not To Pick...that is the question

I taught myself to play and never used a pick, however, all my friends use picks and a lot of artists that I have watched also use picks.  I've tried to learn how to use a pick but I'm finding that the strumming sounds horrible and hitting individual strings is extremely difficult.  Is it something that I should just suffer through to get better at, or am I ok with just using my fingers.  Thanks for any help you can give.


It depends on what style of playing you want to do.  I've never seen a flamenco guitarist use picks but on the other hand I identify with you completely.  I tried to use a pick and it didn't work for me either.  I also tried finger picks,  however, now I am limited to the style of playing I do.  I play accompaniment finger picking and strumming with my very hard fingernails but it  would be difficult for me to play fast leads or scales or flat pick in a bluegrass group.  The best way to be is...(and it is possible) able to do both.  I'm pretty content with what I do and have found ways to get around things but if you on the other hand want to play a lot of different styles of music, work on using picks as well.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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