Remove Sweat Stain From Guitar Finish


I have a new LSVA Martin and already have a stain on the top where my arm rests.  I've tried everything to get it off and nothing seems to work. This guitar is spotless elsewhere.  I have used a baby cloth for years for protection against this but this time I just didn't do as much as I should have.  Got any suggestions for me to remove this stain? It's not that noticable yet.


If the sweat mark has been there long it will have to be rebuffed .  In almost all cases it will come out and look fine again.  The only thing you can try to use that will help and may take it out completely is a product called Virtuoso Cleaner.  This stuff is amazing and is worth a try.  If this doesn't work due to heavy plasticizer and sweat buildup the stain should probably be professionally removed.

Donated by:  Tim  Lawson

I went to the local music store and got some Peavey guitar polish. It worked superbly!!!

Donated by:  Dan Taylor Sr.



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