Take Your Guitar Tuner To Music Store When Guitar Shopping

One important tip that I learned the hard way is to always carry a tuner with you when you go guitar shopping unless you are really good at tuning by ear.  If you ask a salesperson to tune the guitar they may tune it a little flat making it easier to play.  Once you buy the guitar, get it home, and tune it properly, you may find that it suddenly doesn't play as easily as it did in the store.  Also, if you are really serious about a particular guitar, insist that the salesperson put a new set of strings on it so that you can hear how it sounds with new strings. I have found that the strings on most guitars on display sound dead.

Scott Poupard

Yes, it's also a good idea to have the guitar tuned up to proper pitch so you can make sure the intonation is good.  Also check the lower tunings you like.  There are some guitars that have good intonation tuned to Drop D for instance and some that don't.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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