Make Your Own Partial Capo

I read an interesting tip in a guitar magazine a while back on how to create an adjustable partial capo.

It only works with a "Shubb" type capo where the strings are capoed by a bar which is covered by a rubber sleeve.  The tip was to buy a spare sleeve and using a craft knife or similar sharp blade slice the sleeve into 6 equal segments.

Slip these  back onto the bar of the SHubb capo.  These can then be rotated around the bar to either stop the string or let it remain ringing.  When the segment is in its normal operating position it will stop the string.  When rotated around the bar by 180 degrees the string remains open.  This has the advantage that one can experiment with different combinations of strings capoed, open, or even have alternate strings capoed to create interesting effects.  The replacement rubber sleeves only cost a few pence.

Sadly doesn't work with a Kyser type where the rubber is glued to the bar of the capo (although I suppose you could cut a Kyser to create a set partial capo).

Donated by:  Trevor Raggatt

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