How do I measure the exact scale length of my guitar?

Thanks, Bonnie

In short, there probably isn't a way to measure your guitar and come up with the "exact" scale length that your guitar manufacturer specifies but you can tell if it's a "long" or "short" scale length by simply using a yard stick or tape measurer and measuring from the inside edge of the nut to the inside edge of the saddle.

I think Martin specs Long Scale Length at 25.4" and short at 24.9".
All my guitars are Long Scale Length so I will measure my Martin D18.

Although most people say to measure at the G string, I seem to get the most accurate measurement at the Bass E string.  I measure 25 3/8" or 25.375".  Pretty close to 25.4 !

My Taylor 12 String specs are Long Scale Length 25.5".
I measure 25.5" if I measure at the G string, a little longer at the Bass E string.

If you are measuring a Short Scale Length guitar (24.9"), you should measure around 25" or maybe a little less.
This is a good enough way to tell you long or short.

Another method is to measure from the string contact point at the nut to the middle of the 12th fret and then doubling it.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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