Guitar Revoicing


Can you explain what revoicing is?

Rick Versaw

In the 60's, some acoustic guitar manufacturers made their guitars overly braced so the guitar would be strong and sure to last through any warranty period. Unfortunately these guitars didn't sound very good.

Some luthiers got into going in through the soundhole and carefully whittling away at the top bracing in certain spots to make the bracing lighter and thus making the guitar sound better.  This is a very tricky process and should only be done by the best and most experienced of craftsmen.  If too much of the bracing is removed, the guitar will develop serious structural problems.

Sometimes a guitar manufacturer will figure out a better way to voice a current model or models of guitars and then incorporate the "revoicing" into some of their models.  I heard of one manufacturer that did this to their subsequent models.

Sometimes a manufacturer will do this to try and make small guitars sound louder.

The term "revoicing" can also be defined in many other ways in music and recording, etc. Basically it means any time you make the sound of something change.
Hopefully for the better : )

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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