Is Your Guitar A Toy?

I have a child sized guitar for my nephew to play.  The saddle is not glued down.  How do I find the best place to position the saddle?  Also, the guitar won't stay in tune.


I'm guessing yours is like one I started playing on.  The bridge & saddle were all in one piece of wood and it wasn't glued down.  It just slid on the surface of the guitar if the strings were loosened some, or fell off the guitar completely if the strings were removed.

What I did was find the spot where each string had the best intonation.  By this I mean the note played open and the note fretted at the 12th fret are the same, only an octave apart.  The spot under the Bass E string will probably be back a little further than under the High E string resulting in the bridge/saddle being placed at a slight angle.

Some of these child guitars are made so inaccurately that doing this will not correct the situation enough to play satisfactorily because the frets are not spaced properly.  If this is the case, the guitar should be considered a toy and you're better off just getting a better guitar.

If the guitar has friction tuners (simply a peg in a hole) they may be the reason for the guitar not staying in tune.  If the tuners have gears on the back, try gently tightening the screw in the middle of the gear.  This may help. 

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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