Controlling High Humidity


There are all sorts of acoustic guitar humidifiers out there but practically no dehumidifiers.  I found a very expensive (over $80) desiccant/hygrometer/humidifier/dehumidifier kit on one website.  Is there anything simple and cheap to keep high humidity out of a guitar case?  Silicone pouches? Other materials? Any guitar care tips on
controlling high in-case humidity short of running the air conditioning or blow-drying the inside of the case to dry it out?
Kevin (in very wet Austin, Texas)


Actually blowing a damp case out with a blow drier is probably a good idea.  Don't turn the heat up too high though.
First I would like to say that using air conditioning or a dehumidifier is the best way to go to lower humidity to an acceptable level like 50% but they are expensive.  If you have nothing else to use, try using desiccant packs like the kind you get and throw away when you buy consumer electronics.  The packs need to be dried out in an oven at a low temperature every once in a while.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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