Keeping a Guitar Maintenance Record

Hello Gman,

Love your site and I've recommended it to several others.

Here's a tip,

I keep a small notebook in the accessory portion of my guitar's case.  I use one of those tiny reproductions of the larger black and white marble colored Composition notebooks.  The type of notebook isn't really important, though I prefer the composition type with its sewn-in pages and I don't like the metal loop notepads -- bad news if it somehow gets loose inside your case.

On the inside cover, I've recorded the guitar's vital statistics: Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Date Purchased, Seller's info (including phone number).  On the pages, I keep track of everything I do to the guitar.  What strings I put on it and when and adjustments I've made to the truss rod.  This was very handy when I was experimenting with various string brands and gauges and trying to get the action just right.  I still find it useful to keep track of string changes. I've done this for each of my three guitars.

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Robert Wallace