Ear Training

I need to learn more about picking out cords to match the recordings.  Also of value would be choosing chords to match the melody.  Have you any suggestions on techniques to learn from?  I'm positive this "ear training" would help my playing, my ability to remember music, and my own joy in playing.
Thanx in advance for your help.  PS I love your web site.
Dan Douglas


When I'm trying to figure out the chords to a song, I start by playing along with the bassline. Usually the note in the baseline is the root note of whatever chord goes along with it.  Some are kinda tricky, but if you can play the bassline, you've got somewhere to start.

Chris Himburg

I've been doing this in my learning for 30+ years now and I'm still learning more all the time. To start with I guess is, each chord has its own sound. Like a D chord sounds much different than a G chord.  The D chord has only 4 notes (strings) and the G chord is much more full and has 6 notes (strings).  After listening to these chords over
time, you can easily pick them out of songs. Then with more experience you'll still be able to pick out the chords even though the guitarist is is using a capo.

Then there's certain chord progressions you hear all the time like a C
chord with an alternating G bass note thrown in.

The real challenge is when an artist uses different tunings.  Eventually you'll be able to recognize that a guitarist is using say a Drop D tuning.  You'll hear the D chord but there's this haunting low D bass note there all the time. This goes on and on with different tunings.  The internet is a great place to find the original tunings for songs. 
Hard ones like E E E E B E and E B D G A D.

I have a guitar student right now that I'm actually thinking of turning my back on and playing different chords to see if she can tell me what they are by hearing alone.  She wants to be able to listen to songs and learn them by ear as well.

It's a lifetime learning experience that I really enjoy.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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