How To Store New Guitar Strings

Hi there,
What's the best way to store strings?  I've bought bulk strings before and I realize because I take quite awhile to use up a box of strings the latter sets can be slightly rusted already.  I usually just place them in my cupboard in my study.  So is there a proper way to store my strings so that they'll be perfectly fine when I eventually use them?

Thanks so much for your advice!!

I've run into the same problem.  Even though I don't buy "bulk strings", I do store them for a long time sometimes. I think some strings rust or corrode faster than other strings depending on quality, materials, packaging, & manufacturer. I'm guessing it may also run into the untouched by human hands thing. I don't know if all manufacturers are careful about that when packaging strings. They obviously should be!

If you have a new set of strings unopened & sealed in plastic from a good manufacturer and stored in a decent environment, they should last a very long time. If the plastic package they come in isn't airtight, put them in one that is.

I've opened a new set of strings after storing them for a long time and they sometimes exhibit a few dark spots almost like finger prints on them.

I know of at least one manufacturer that advertises their strings "Designed to be in factory-fresh condition for you as they are packed in special corrosion resistant sealed packaging."

This will be a good tip for people to provide feedback on by email.  I'll update the tip if I get more good advice.

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