I saw a guitar advertised as having a multi-scale fretboard.  What is this?

John R.


Steel String Guitar
Steel String Guitar

If you notice these 2 standard guitars, a steel string and nylon string, everything on the necks seem to go straight across.  The nuts, frets, and bridges/saddles are almost parallel.

Nylon String Guitar
Nylon String Guitar

Here we have a multi-scale fretboard guitar...


Notice the nut, frets, and bridge/saddle are all slanted.  The heavier the string,
the further the distance between the nut and bridge/saddle.  This is varying the
scale length for each string.  The intended advantage of this design is to obtain 
power in the bass using a long scale and sweetness and lack of twang in the
shorter scale for the higher strings.

Gman ( o )==#


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