Different Guitar Neck Lengths


What are the pros and cons of a 12 fret vs a 14 fret neck.  I'm speaking here of the point at which the fretboard attaches to the body.

Thanks for your help!!


The names are 12 frets clear of the body and 14 frets clear of the body.  There is a certan amount of evolution involved in these designs.  It's mostly about real estate.  I always buy guitars with 14 frets clear of the body.  I like to use a capo and play in higher keys.  If there are only 12 frets to work with, I simply run out of frets when my fretting hand hits the body of the guitar.  Anyone who has ever played the last high D chord at the end of Supertramp's "Give A Little Bit" will know what I'm talking about.  Even in this song without a capo, the last chord would be nearly impossible with 12 frets clear of the body.  Some players get a cut away body design so the upper frets can be reached even easier.

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14 frets clear of the body 12 frets clear of body


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