Callus Exercise

I was reading all the tips on how to build calluses on your site, here's a
tip that your readers might want to use.

Buy a Planet Waves VariGrip.  Not only will this excellent device build 
strength in your left or right hand, it will build calluses.

The device is adjustable for strength building, and if you remove the
rubber cover on the bottom of the device, it exposes four string like
molded strings on the bottom. You simply place your four fingers over the
convexed stings and with the palm of your hand press the movable and
adjustable members to build calluses.

Many experienced musicians carry this device in their pocket, you can use
it anytime and wherever you want.

I've been playing for 50 years, and this remarkable little device has been
invaluable to me.

Anyway, I hope this little tip helps.

Bob K.
Tombstone, AZ

Hey Bob,

I got one for Christmas and started using it.  It is working great so far...



Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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