Cosmetic Care of  Acoustic Guitars

There are so many different finishes on guitars that you almost have to be a chemist to understand them all so I'll try to be general.

It's best to use a clean lint-free cotton or felt cloth and wipe your guitar off when done playing. If there is an area which will not come clean, moisten the cloth a little. Never use paper towels.

Polish should be used if the above doesn't work. I use Martin Guitar Polish. If you have an older guitar with a varnish finish, try to find a polish with lemon oil in it. If your guitar has cracks in the finish you may want to get professional advice. The polish could get in the cracks and make a mess of the wood.

If your fingerboard is not finished, (most aren't), apply a small amount of lemon oil on a rag and rub it in to prevent cracking.

Also read my Tip 80 for satin or flat finished guitars.

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Baby Your Guitar With The Right Polishing Cloth.
Don't buy special polishing cloths for your nice acoustic guitar. The best (and cheapest) polishing cloth is BABY DIAPERS. Needless to say, these are absorbent and soft--perfect wiping down your "baby." One pack of cloth diapers should last you for years. You can get them at any discount store for a few dollars. Make sure they're 100% cotton.

I hope this is useful.
Regards,Tim Scott

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