Guitar String Pops Out Of Nut Groove

Hey Gman, I have an acoustic guitar and the High E string likes to pop out of the nut occasionaly.  
What can I do to keep it in place?   Roy

This is a guitar nut that is old but in good condition.  If any of the grooves get damaged or are too shallow a string can pop out due to the angular pull from the tuning pegs.  This happens to the High E string probably more often than the others but it can happen to any of them. Guitar Nut Grooves
As you can see the guitar neck naturally bends back to apply pull to the strings to keep them in the grooves but sometimes a string needs a little more help.
Guitar Neck
One thing you can try before you do anything major to the nut is to help to pull the string down more by adding extra wraps to the string so it terminates the tuner post lower thus increasing the angle to the nut. Guitar Winding Post

If this doesn't work you may need to take it to a guitar tech.  He may have to file a stronger break angle in the nut without lowering the actual height of the string or he may replace the nut altogether.
(Not a difficult repair).

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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