Unique Finger Exercises

One of the overlooked exercises based on the muscles in your hand and forearm is reverse tension type. In other words the muscles that push down on the strings get worked out all the time, the ones that pull the fingers off the string are just as important but don't get anywhere near as much exercise as the reverse. I have been using a rubber band on the ends of the fingers and simply open the hand which creates tension on those forgotten muscles (you will feel it in your muscles immediately). I have in just one week by doing this exercise a couple times a day:

- Increased speed and accuracy
- Can do trills forever- Lagato is twice as fast and accurate
- Much more control and strength

A rubber band of various sizes will work just fine. Try it, you'll be amazed. Be careful to start light and work you way up in tension. Have fun! : )

Donated By: Greg Greene

Dear G-Man:

I just read where someone recommended attaching rubberbands to the fingers on their left hand to strengthen the reverse action of fretting. I don't advise doing this. I am not a doctor BUT, the romantic composer SCHUMANN tried something like this to strengthen his left hand for playing the piano. He didn' t have rubberbands (obviously) but developed some type of resistance devise to cause his left hand to exert more pressure. He thought this would make his left hand stronger, instead he got partial paralysis of his left hand. I am not making this up. I remember reading about this in my music history classes EONS ago when I was an undergrad at Peabody in Baltimore Maryland.


Yes, none of us are doctors here.   Simply playing the guitar itself gives carpal tunnel syndrome to some players. Before you decide to do ANY exercise, check with your doctor FIRST!   And don't over-do it.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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