Protect Your Guitar From Sweat

Sweat from your bare arm can damage the finish on your guitar. To prevent this, I keep a polishing cloth in my guitar case and drape it over the guitar all of the time while practicing or else wear a long sleeve shirt. This cloth doesn't have to be store bought or anything special. A cloth made from a white 100% cotton T-shirt works just fine.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


To prevent damage to your guitar I use on my right hand (finger picking hand) the sweat band used by tennis players. Lots of colors available.  You can pick them up cheap at any sports store.
To use, just slide it up to just below the elbow or wherever your arm rests of the side of the guitar.
Prevents sweat and wear marks and the padding stops the edge of the guitar from causing cramps and cutting off circulation when you start to hit the two hour mark. {don't we all}  It is cheaper than arm rests and does not change the look of your instrument.
Hope this is of some use to someone out there. It works for me.
Stephen Froix
Trinidad, West Indies

Baby Your Guitar With The Right Polishing Cloth.
Don't buy special polishing cloths for your nice acoustic guitar. The best (and cheapest) polishing cloth is BABY DIAPERS. Needless to say, these are absorbent and soft--
perfect wiping down your "baby." One pack of cloth diapers should last you for years. You can get them at any discount store for a few dollars.

I hope this is useful.
Regards,Tim Scott


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