Heavier Guitar Strings Used On Guitars With Scalloped Bracing

Is it OK to use heavier guitar strings on one of these newer guitars that have scalloped bracing?

My answer would be NO unless the manufacturer specifically says you can. When I bought my Guild DV-52 which has scalloped braces, it had light silk & steel strings which were pretty much worn out so I asked the store to throw in a new set of strings with the deal. I told them I use medium gauge strings. They told me to use light strings on this guitar if I was going to tune up to pitch because the medium strings would have too much tension. Over time there could be a problem. The scalloped braces aren't as strong as regular braces.
Then again when I was looking at a Martin jumbo guitar with scalloped bracing at a different store, the sales person told me the same thing.

The best thing to do if you insist on using medium gauge strings on your guitar with scalloped bracing would be contact the manufacturer and get their advice. I've noticed Martin stamps the information inside the guitar on the center back brace on some models saying what gauges are acceptable. Maybe the information is in the manual for your guitar.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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