Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Probably the best way of adding a pickup to an acoustic guitar is by using a duo source pick up system. Fishman and L.R. Baggs have such systems. Baggs is the best from what I've heard and seen. It's a combination piezo ribbon pick-up that mounts under the bridge saddle and a miniature transducer mic that mounts inside the body. A small controller mounts inside as well. You have the option of running the two together as mono or stereo or one or the other. The sound is great, especially if you run it through a P.A. or a Fender Acoustisonic amp.

Donated by: Paul LaBelle

Highlanders are spendy but they sound a lot better to me.  (I have guitars with each system:Baggs/Gretch F30R and Highlander/Taylor 714Ced).  Also, if you don't want to blow big bucks on a permanent pickup, "The Bone" from Rio Grande pickups sounds really good but doesn't have the signal strength of the Baggs or Highlander. (so turn up your amp...)  I think I paid about $50.00 for the one I use in my L-00. It does sound really good and I can install or uninstall it in any standard 4" diameter soundhole guitar in under 5 seconds.

Donated by: Greg Gottsacker


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