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I have a beautiful Martin D-2R acoustic that has a strap button on the bottom, but no button at the base of the neck where the neck meets the guitar body. I've been using a strap tied to the headstock, but I've never preferred this position...the strap gets in my way, and after years of playing live with an Ovation, I like the strap connected to either end of the guitar body. I don't want to damage my Martin, but I'd like your advice on adding a strap mount button. Where would I mount it on this guitar? What is your view?


Yes, I've pondered the same thing on my Martins as well. I asked a luthier to install one once and he said then it wouldn't fit in the Martin case anymore. If you still want to do it, it has to be done very carefully so the neck wood doesn't split. A pilot hole of just the right diameter has to be drilled first to prevent cracking before the screw is screwed in. Also, the button has to be mounted underneath at the proper angle so the strap doesn't slip off the peg. If you're not sure how to do it, I would take it to a good repair person that's done it many times before. Remember the case fitting problem.

Strap Post Button installed on heel of guitar

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