Guitar Strap Button Falling Out


I have a problem with the strap pin in the butt end of my guitar being loosened and coming out. Is there anything I can do to make the pin stick in the guitar?


This is normal. The reason it's removable is because that's a delicate pressure point for an acoustic guitar. If you would accidentally drop your guitar on this pin, it would probably split the body of your guitar so alot of manufacturers make it removable for shipping and stuff. If the pin is fitting properly, it should stay in pretty well by itself with a friction fit. Go to a music store and try a different one if yours won't stay in. Caution: Don't force it in too hard! Gluing it in would be your prerogative.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

When the end pin does not fit tight in an acoustic guitar, I have used Teflon tape (plumbers tape).  Wrap it around the pin and push in.

Donated by: Dan Taylor Sr.



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