Finding a Good Luthier or Repairman

Finding a good luthier or repairman is like finding a good doctor, mechanic, or anything else.

Visit different music stores and most important, talk to other guitarists that have had work done and get references. I took my two Martins to a repairman that was supposed to be good and he almost ruined them both. Luckily the next guy I found was able to fix the stuff the first guy did wrong. Then I found out the first guy overcharged me. After I met this new repairman, I also found another good one so now I have two I can depend on.

Qualities I found impressive about the good repairmen...

1.) They spent time talking to me.
2.) They were not concerned about money or time, just my satisfaction.
3.) Very reasonable rates.
4.) They gave me alot of free advice and information.

Like any other buisness agreement, make sure he guarantees his work and gives you a receipt.

If the repairman will not come out of his shop and talk to you, watch out!
I've worked in various types of factories for 27 years so I am familiar with communication problems.
If you have to explain what you want done to a middle man, you're just asking for trouble.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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