Remove Stickers and Sticker Glue From Guitars

How does one safely remove stickers and sticker glue from guitars?

There are 3 things we use in the shop to remove glue from stickers. Remember if the guitar has been exposed to natural sunlight or bright florescents, spots where the stickers have been may be brighter or non yellowed! In a small place -inconspicuious- start with some naptha or lighter fluid. This works great on most adhesives that stickers use. This won't harm any finish or lacquer. Next try a standard guitar polish by the name of Trick. This stuff is great on removing alcohol drinks, spilled coke, syrup, and junk like that. Finally use some denatured alcohol to rub where the glue residue is left on the guitar. All of this should be safe on Polyurethane and Polyester. Even Acetone is OK for Polyester--nothing will touch that stuff. Another thing to try is pure lemon oil. I have left this on spots for 30 minutes or more with real good luck especially if the glue is on bare wood parts (like price labels on rosewood bridges etc.) Test first! and Good luck.

Later, Tim



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