Some guitarists tell me to leave my guitar in it's case when I'm not playing it. There are others who say to keep it out on a stand and only put it in the case when I take my guitar somewhere. Personally, I like it out (I play it often). Does it matter? Will keeping my guitar out affect it in a negative way?


The best place to keep your guitar is in it's case.
If you want to leave it on a stand, do the following...
1.) Keep the sun away from it, even as the sun passes by a window.
2.) Keep the temperature and humidity of the room around 65-80 deg. F. and 40%-50%.
3.) Make sure it's in a place where someone won't accidentally bump it over.
4.) Keep the kids, pets, treadmill repairmen (see below), etc. away from it.
5.) Dust it periodically.

It's much easier & safer just to keep it in it's case believe me!

One interesting view I read on the subject was, "If the guitar isn't easily reachable, I won't play it." That statement convicted me a little because I wasn't playing as much as I should at the time. What I did was, I had a plywood guitar that I didn't care much about and used it mostly for learning songs on & stuff anyway so I left it out. Yea, I played a little more I guess but one day the treadmill repairman came in and almost knocked it over. Luckily I was there to rescue it.

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