Bridge Pins Affect The Sound Of Your Guitar

Do bridge pins affect the sound of my guitar?

Yes, they do believe it or not. Various materials have been used and tried over the years. Of course, elephant ivory was always the best but can't be had anymore. Bakelite and other various types of plastic, ebony, mammoth ivory, boxwood, brass, bone, fossilized walrus ivory, water buffalo horn, and ivoroid have been used. Each has they're own sound. If you want to replace your plastic pins with something better for a modest amount of money, ebony pins can be bought for around $20.00 USD. Remember to save the old pins just in case you want to sell or preserve the original equipment that came with your guitar.

Tusq (man made ivory) is Real Good and reasonably priced.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#                                    Learn more about Tusq bridge pins by reading Tip 159.




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