Guitar Cases

I strongly advise everyone to get a hard shell case for your guitar.   Gig bags and pasteboard cases with fold-over latches just don't make it if you're going to do more than store the guitar around the house.   Get a hard shell case that your guitar fits in snugly.   Make sure the latches have the safety ring that first goes up, then the latch goes down to secure it.   There are various levels of quality in hard shell cases.   The cheapest is 3 ply plywood with a flat top & bottom.   My new Martin D15 came with one. It has a snug fit and a real thick, plush lining.   It will do well for taking it in my van to the limited local gigs I'll use it for.   Because it has a flat top, it's not very crush proof, so I'll always stand it on edge.   A better case would be more layers of plywood (maybe 6) and an arched top, maybe even the back.   Molded plastic cases are good too.   They're lighter in weight but are not quite as rugged.   If you really need the ultimate protection for your guitar, get a flight case.

One thing I do is if I'm buying a new guitar and I don't like the case, the music store is usually very agreeable to trade up to a better case.
As with most things though, use logic.   Don't spend more for your case than you do for your guitar.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#



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