Artificial Nails

I am an avid fingerpicker.  I have tried all the "nail care" products with no luck.  Finally one day I went down to a place where I had acrylics put on my right hand only.  It was the best decision I ever made and guys, don't be afraid to do this!  The acrylics are clear and trust me, you'll never go back to regular nails.  They can shape them just for picking and can be refilled every two weeks.  I have convinced two of my male guitar friends to do this and they love them!

Donated By: Eva B.

I recently had acrylic nails put on my fingers after exhausting every other option.  My nails are a little weaker than most guitarists I've known.  I use three fingers and a thumb pick.  I have to say that this is the best way to go for finger picking a steel string guitar.  You can add much to your volume and expression and the tone is incredible. My accuracy is sooo much better now.  I would suggest this to anyone who would like to improve the sound of steel string finger picking.

-Kamron M.

I also do a fair amount of finger picking and also had acrylic nails installed.  They were great, except that, after a couple of weeks, a dark area began to develop under one of my nails.  A friend said it was the beginning of nail fungus.  She was right.  I had to get a  prescription for Penlac 8% solution.  It took a month to clear up.  Now, I'm back to my own nails.  Just a warning to the wise picker.

Jerry M.

Most guitarists (and others as well) get just the end half of their nails covered with the artificial nails to help prevent this problem.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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