Remove Blood Stain From Guitar

I cut my finger without realizing it and then played my guitar. Unfortunately where I was strumming rather enthusiastically, I sprayed a small amount of blood on the inside of the guitar. I have managed to clean the outside OK but could you advise me on how to remove the blood on the inside Please.

I have cut my hands working inside guitars and blood will definitely stain permanently. Since it has been there and soaked into the wood cells, I would try 2 things. First try to use a pump sprayer of hair spray or better yet some wood alcohol and soak the area then try a long Q-tip swab to blot out the red stain. If that doesn't do it then you could try a wood bleach kit with 2 parts you mix and then do the Q-tip application . This should do the trick but may have to be done 2 or three times. Be sure not to flood the wood because this may go thru to the finished side of the instrument and ruin the outer lacquered finished. The problem with the blood is the setting in of the stain. If you can get the alcohol on it right away or lacquer hair spray it will absorb it quickly, making the stain less noticeable. After the bleaching process, if used on rosewood or mahogany you may have to rub on a wiping stain to match the color of the inside wood. Good Luck.

Donated By: Tim Lawson

Peroxide removes blood stains from almost anything. Professional laundries
use this to get blood stains from clothes. I tried a little and it works.
Just remember to damp sponge the peroxide off after the stain is gone.

Nat M.


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