It's hard to believe this site is 24 years old!  This site started out originally on May 17, 1998 with only one page, 5 tips, and no links.

I guess the reason I started this page was because of all the bad experiences I had since I got my first acoustic guitar in the 8th grade.  After several unscrupulous music store salesmen took advantage of me and I suffered with severe guitar intonation and quality problems for many years, I finally decided to do something about it.  I just didn't realize at the time that this stuff could be fixed.  Sometimes very easily.

What if the internet had a site with all this needed information from the school of hard knocks?  I've been asked several times over the years: "What's up with the personal service and answering questions?  What do you get out of it?"  There is an old saying: "The best way to learn is to teach."  Anyone who has ever taught a class in anything is sure to agree with that.  Over the last years, my site has grown to over 200 tips and my knowledge has grown much as well.  If I don't know the answer to a question, I research it and figure it out.  Sometimes it makes a great new tip!  My counter is now around 2 million so there's been a lot of people needing this information I'm guessing.  Also over the years , I've made many good internet friends and have received help as well.  One really cool thing was what happened in the Acoustic Guitarist Guild I started in 1998.  At that time Yahoo provided chat rooms in their clubs.  We were having a world wide chat.  Yep - members in Croatia, The Netherlands, Hawaii, USA (Texas, Pennsylvania, California, etc).  One member in The Netherlands ordered a guitar from a manufacturer in the USA and was having problems receiving it.  A member in the chat lived close to the factory and went in person to the factory to straighten it out.  Everything was resolved very easily.  How cool was that?

We are now on Facebook and Twitter!

My son has been involved with computers since he was a small child in the old DOS days and now is a computer architect engineer.  I have to admit, without his help, this site probably would have never existed.  He taught me some html and I started making the site in Notepad believe it or not.  The site finally got so big and I got so busy that I finally resorted to an editor program to do it faster.  My son has made some of the more complicated stuff like the metronome, etc.  I was proud of myself to come up with the guitar tuners : )  We worked on the website, played music together, among other things like camping and bicycling.  The small amount of unsolicited parenting advice I'll give is no matter who you are, your age or physical condition, find something you and your children are interested in and spend time time time with them.  Did I mention time?  : )  A very precious commodity these days.  I would never even take a second shift job or travel much so I could stay at home with them.  Nuff said...

I've been very pleased and flattered by the emails and messages in my guestbook over the years.  Some of them are very touching.  

It's been a great 24 years!

This site is even older than GOOGLE!

Thank you all for the support,

Bob, Gman ( o )==#















Bob (aka: Gman)
Bob, Gman ( o )==#
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