C# Tuning, Down 1 1/2 Steps

Yep.  This is Tip Numero Uno that started my website back in 1998.
I sent something like this to a guitar magazine and they actually published it!
I figured I may as well keep going.  : )

For all the men out there who canít sing like a four-octave tenor, Iíve found this to be a very useful idea.

I bought a flat top with incredibly good intonation, adjusted the truss rod for higher action, and installed heavier gauge strings (mediums), then tuned the guitar to C# F# B E G# C# low to high tuning. With this tuning, I can put the capo on the 3rd fret and play with anyone else tuned up to pitch or adjust lower or remove the capo completely and sing anything from Blackbird to The Needle and the Damage Done and still preserve the original hand positions used by the composers.

This will affect the intonation of most any guitar.  Read my toothpick trick to correct things.  The toothpick can be placed under any string.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#



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