Guitars for Smaller People or Children

If you are looking for a guitar for your child, there's really no reason to go out and buy him or her a full size guitar.  A small person probably can't reach over the body and the frets will be spaced too far apart for little fingers to play.  You need to get something better than the toys you find in department stores but still not full size and professional quality.

If your child wants to learn classical style music, you're in luck.  The nylon string guitars are smaller and a Korean import nylon string guitar can be had at a low price.

If however, your child wants a steel string guitar, the choices are fewer.  You'll need to find a smaller bodied guitar than a dreadnought.  The salesperson should be able to help you out on this.  They are usually referred to as "Concert", "0", "00", "7/8", 3/4", or "1/2" size.  If these are still too big or can't be found, check out 2 guitars made by Taylor.  The "Baby Taylor" and the "Big Baby Taylor".

You also want to consider a guitar with a "Short Scale Length".  You have to measure between the nut and saddle to make absolutely sure. Also ask the salesperson to make sure.  Also see Tip 170.  These short scale guitars are easier to play because the strings don't have to be tightened as much to reach proper pitch and the frets are closer together.  Also install light gauge strings on the guitar to help if needed.

For more information on this subject, also read my Tip 43 (Buying A Beginner Guitar).

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