Tuning Small Guitars

I have a half size acoustic and I can't figure out how to tune it.  By the time it sounds in tune, the strings are really loose.  The problem I am having is I have a tuner for my full size guitar and it works great for that, but my daughters 1/2 size guitar apparently needs to be tuned at a higher pitch than a full size and I do not know what that pitch is.  When I tune her guitar to say the low E, the string is way to loose.  I guess what I am asking is what is the correct tune for each string, i.e. E sharp, G flat.  I do not know what the strings are supposed to sound like.  I hope you can help me out.  I want to learn how to tune her guitar so I can maintain it for her.

Thank you, Adam

Some small guitars like the Baby Taylor and the Big Baby Taylor are tuned the same as a large guitar, E A D G B E.  Some small guitars like the Tacoma Papoose are supposed to be tuned higher.  It is tuned to A.  That means, it sounds like a regular guitar with the capo on the 5th fret.
If the strings are so light that regular tuning cannot be done, the guitar probably needs to be tuned higher.  To make absolutely sure, I would check with the manufacturer if possible or go to a good music store or luthier for advice.  

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

Dear Gman,
Thanks a lot.  The information you gave me was perfect.  I tuned the guitar in G and it sounds great.
Again thank you very much, I know the tip will help other confused people like me.


Caught your site by accident and browsed.  Here's an extra tip that works very well! My learners who use small guitars - usually nylon - fit a high tension string set - the smaller the guitar, the higher the tension - and this makes the standard E-A-D-G-B-E tuning feel like a full size instrument and sounding rich in tone.  We use Hannabach Flamenco strings on 24" scale and higher tension ones on the even shorter scales. This puts younger learners in the real world of the guitar, not something that has to be relearned later on.


I had a smaller guitar once, and I had to work out what to tune it to, as E 
tuning was too low for it. So I measured the length from the saddle to the
nut, and then measured out the same length from the saddle on a full size
guitar, making note of which fret I landed on. I ended up on the 3rd fret,
so I tuned the small guitar to G, as if it were a full size guitar with a
capo on 3rd fret, and it sounded great!


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