How To Change a Guitar String

I've had so many people ask me about this that I decided to put some tips together to explain how to change a guitar string.

First of all, it's best to replace the strings one at a time starting with the heaviest.  Loosen the string and untie the end from the tuning post.

Now you need to remove the end pin if there is one in the bridge by pulling it out with your finger tips.  If it's too hard to pull out that way, check out this tip and come back using your browser's back button...

Tip 10

If it's a nylon string guitar, the string will probably need to be untied from the bridge instead.

Replacing the string is done by inserting the ball end of the new string into the hole in the bridge right where the old string came out.  Notice the small groove inside.  Put the ball end of the string in until the ball goes below the bottom of the bridge and the string is against the groove in the bridge hole.  Put the pin in gently and so the groove in the pin faces the string.  Pull up a little on the string so the ball comes up and stops, hitting the bottom of the bridge.  See pic...

Guitar String Diagram

The pin should be pushed in gently but firmly.  Don't hammer it in or the bridge may split.

If the winding hits the saddle, try this to pull it back a little...

Take the ball (ring) off of an old guitar string.
Thread the new string through it and install
threading it up through the inside of the guitar.
The thickness of the extra ring pulls the new 
string down further thus causing the winding
to pull back off the saddle.

Instrall Steel String.

The other end of the string ties to the tuning posts like this...

Bring the string through the string hole as shown below.
Wind the string 1/2 way around the string post and under the string.
Do this clockwise for the 3 bass strings and counter clockwise for the 3 treble strings.
The string end is then bent back over the string creating a half hitch knot when the string is wound.

Install Steel Guitar String

If you have a nylon string guitar, the string attaches like this...

Change Nylon String Diagram

Now use my guitar tuner to get the string tuned up before going on to the next string...


If you have a problem with a bridge pin popping back out a little while tuning, gently push it back in.  If that still doesn't work, read this Tip 74

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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